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Giving back is something we're passionate about.

Along with helping in our direct community, as a part of Northwestern Mutual, we're proud to help accelerate the search for better childhood cancer treatments while supporting families undergoing treatment, and survivors from late effects.

Plymouth Little League

Plymouth Little League logo

"I joined the PLL as a coach and board member because two of my kids are a part of the league, and the other two will be at some point. With my background in baseball, and passion for coaching, it seemed like the best way to give back to the league!"

– Tom Farmer


Plymouth Town Meeting

Plymouth Town Meeting logo

"Joining the Plymouth Town Meeting, as an elected official, allowed me to learn and be more formally involved in the operation of our town. It is important to know and have a say as to what is going on where I live with my family. Growing up in Ohio this was not a town government format we had access too, and therefore felt very strongly that it was an opportunity I should try to take."

– Tom Farmer


Bridgeview Montessori School Board

Bridgeview Montessori School Board logo

"When the school sent the communication looking for parents to join the board, I was immediately interested as a new parent without a solid understanding of the Montessori teaching style. When I was informed they were specifically looking for someone with a finance background, it was an easy decision."

– Tom Farmer


Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

Plymouth Chamber of Commerce logo

"When we opened the office in Plymouth, the easiest and quickest way to get the business involved in the town was to join the chamber and meet other small business owners. It's important to support other local small business as well."

– Tom Farmer


Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer (ALSF)

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer (ALSF) logo

"ALSF funds cancer research, raises awareness, and supports the families of children with cancer. Since 2012, Northwestern Mutual, its employees, and financial professionals like me have donated more than $20 million to support ALSF and fund over 400,000 research hours."

– Tom Farmer